Monday, February 07, 2005

Post Super Bowl musings

1. I liked the "Saturday Night Fever" Pepsi commercial.

2. The .com commercials were tiring.

3. I loved the Ameriquest commercials. They made me giggle.

4. Donovan McNabb was erratic. He was throwing high balls the whole game.

5. If Deion Branch didn't get the MVP, my second pick would've been Rodney Harrison. Definitely not Tom Brady, though Brady was very effective.

6. The Eagles wasted way too much time in the final four minutes of the game.

7. The half time show was . . . uninspiring.

8. There are far too many pre-game shows and far too many talking heads.

9. Cheetohs are my favorite salty snack. Funions are a close second and Cool Ranch Doritos are a close third. Health food? What's that?

10. The running game for either team wasn't the deciding factor of the game as most sports writers had anticipated.

11. Terrell Owens looked fine. I was tired of the commentators talking about him and circling him every time he lined up.

12. Why is there a correlation between sporting events and unhealthy eating? See 9.

13. The Quiznos Baby will not inspire me to buy a Quiznos sandwich. If I see that talking child in a Quiznos restaurant, I will run very far and very fast.


Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

Oliver, I'm glad I wasn't watching the Bowl with you (due to whatever aftermath came of #9). For someone who watches for the game, not the commercials, you have a lot of commentary on the commercials. :) I liked the Budweiser commercial with all the animals heading for Clidesdale tryouts.

I agree with your sports assessment. I'm just glad I watched the whole thing (with a nap in part of the third quarter) so that no one from New England will flog me.

Patrick said...

#9 is my pathological fixation. for the game on sunday i went to my friend tony's house and kim made these slammin' empanadas. they were huge. i ate four -- in a row. i like to think i'm only practicing hugo's maxim: "a writer must have the courage of his obsessions." see you in a couple weeks, my friend.