Friday, May 13, 2005

Finally, all done grading.

Yup. I'm finished for the semester. For the past week I've been a grading machine. Now I'm in the midst of cleaning out my office. It's amazing how much stuff I've accumulated over the past four years.

I just went through my closet. There were over two-hundred unclaimed portfolios handed in by students. I was going through some of them and I was shocked at how I had forgotten so many names/faces. I used to be really good at keeping names and faces of students straight, but now I found I couldn't remember 3/4ths of the folks.

So now, I'm offically on Summer Vacation. I lounged around the house today, drinking coffee slowly, and watching recaps of SportsCenter. I checked my e-mail a half-dozen times, and I read trashy pop-culture magazines.

By the way, Meredith and I are going to Paris this coming Tuesday. For those of you who are LOUSY at keeping secrets, it's sort of our pre-honeymoon.

I'll bring back some cheese for you guys.


Josephus Maximus said...

CONGRATULATIONS, O-Dawg--on everything! Meredith & the "pre-honeymoon" (I still haven't gotten any "official" word from your mouth, hence, I'm merely, empirically being happy for you!); your finishing your semester; your being done with Utica, etc., etc. Aaaah, I'm missing you already not being on this coast (eventho you're still here, but 'tis a matter of time, besides, we still have Virginia). Sighs & more sighs.

A. Papatya Bucak said...

People who go around saying "I have a secret" should not point fingers at those who cannot keep said secret! Much love and congratulations. Looking forward to meeting Meredith! Hi, Meredith!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations!!! What a lovely time of year to be in Paris have fun! xo