Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday, Friday, Non-Sequitor

Just polished off a bizarre Thai-Chicken Noodle Salad. I have concerns.

Also, I'm noticing how disorganized my office books are, and it worries me. I can't have that. I'm usually quite organized, but the upheaval from the East Coast to the West Coast has challenged my organization skills. Outside of that . . . interesting things to talk about:

1) I'm going to AWP.

2) I should be getting money from my department.

3) I need to iron.

The later bit concerns me the most. As you can see, I'm full of concern these days. I'm concerned about the weather. I'm concerned about what to cook for dinner tonight. I'm concerned about the state of the world. I'm concerned about my students. I'm concerned about my social life (or lack of a social life). I'm concerned about my ironing. Meredith tells me that the slightly crinkled look is in and I have my doubts.

We have lots of chocolate in our house as well as a lot of bizarre German cookies.

My dad got me a massive hunting knife for my birthday (which isn't for another few weeks). His enclosed letter had lots of American flags on it.

I'm concerned about my family.


Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

I'm so excited I get some O time at AWP!!

Meredith Josey said...

Hi Oliver,

I think your concern stems from the fact that you live in a lake Stevens' dollhouse and feel cramped most of the time. As soon as we move to the big open country, you'll feel better. I hope that is very soon.

Love, Meredith

A. Papatya Bucak said...

Unironed, unalphabetized, and armed? Now I'm concerned.

My copy of the Hello poem has become very crumpled. I think you should write a new poem for me to post on my office door so somebody can steal it and then return it with fold marks on it.