Monday, April 24, 2006

What's there to tell?

So, let's see. Meredith and I are closing on the lovely house you see pictured two postings below. We should be able to finish up all business this week.

A couple of my students have been admitted into MFA programs, so I'm very happy for them.

It's finally sunny here in Washington, and it looks to be sunny for much of the week.

I'm currently starting the fifth week of the Spring Quarter, but my brain's still semestral, so this has been an agonizingly slow April.

Mary Kenagy introduced me to KEXP 90.3 and I love it, though I barely get any reception in my car.

I'm rereading America is in the Heart for the Asian American Literature class I'm currently teaching. We just finished The Woman Warrior.

This coming Memorial Day, Meredith and I will be vacationing in Vancouver, BC.

I'm reading M.A. thesi . . . thesuses . . . the . . . multiple manuscripts written by graduate students.

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Diana said...

Hello Oliver. Congratulations on your new home. I just had a thought. When you're in Vancouver with Meredith, you both need to go to Cupcakes on Denman Street. My friends and I went there after one of the big AWP readings. They are the best cupcakes we have ever had. Hands down. We crave them now. See you in June.