Monday, July 31, 2006

More Trouble with Bird Feeders

So . . . I spread some seed on the ground as David had suggested. However, it seems the deer also like the stuff. I caught two just now eating it all up! I gave 'em a good scare. Hopefully they don't mess with the feeders.

Oh, and I wrote my imitation poem. So far I'm on task.


david dodd lee said...

The deer. Never knew a deer to eat
millet, but they probably love sunflower seeds. There are squirrel guards but probably no deer guards out there. They won't mess with the feeders. Nice pests to have in the yard, though, deer. Good luck with your poem a day venture . . .

Oliver de la Paz said...

Here's an update: We have Stellar's Jays. A pair of them have found the seed.


david dodd lee said...

Ahh, those are beautiful. Now, see, one of them has a little log book and if you peer out the window
you may see him or her holding the book and writing down the location of your great seed-fest in their little black book, as it were.
No Stellar's Jays in the east here,
just the simple (and rather noisy)
blue jay. One day you arise to a flock of birds dining in your yard.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Glad to hear the feeders are bringing in Jays - they love peanuts in the shell, btw. They'll hide them around just like squirrels.

We had a feeder that floated on a suction cup attached to our window. It worked great for awhile...until the slugs discovered it...crawled right up the side of the house to get to it...the birds never came back! We took it down. *chuckle*

Poem a day, eh? I was thinking of doing just that m'self. Kind of a NaPoWriMo of sorts. *grin*