Wednesday, December 20, 2006


I just received the timeline for the book. Looks like we're aiming for September 07. Here's the current Table of Contents:


Hour of Dawn
Aubade with Scorpions and Monsoon
Constricting Aubade
Aubade with Doves, a Television, and Fire
The Devil’s Book
Aubade with a Book and the Rattle from a String of Pearls
God Essay
The Devil’s Hour
Aubade with Constellations, Some Horses, and Snow
Penitence Essay
Aubade with Bread for Sparrows
My Dearest Apostasy


My Dearest Conflict
What the Devil Said
What the Eye Said
What the Scapula Said
On the Pores of the Flesh
On the Pulse Residing Behind the Lobe of the Ear
On the Fenestra Ovalis
What the Ear Said
What the Dead Said
What the Devil Said
On the Epidermis
On the Motions of Death
Epitaph for the Musculature of the Neck
My Dearest Transgression


Aubade with Starlings and Kerosene Muted by Glass
Mysteries Essay
My Dearest Recklessness
Aubade with Memory Crystallized into a Figure of a Dancer
Widening Aubade
Aubade with a Heel of Bread, a Heart, and the Devil
Prayer Essay
Aubade with the Moon, Some Bones, and a Word
My Dearest Regret
Aubade with a Thistle Bush Holding Six Songs


Sandra said...

I really like the use of modified aubades as a cohering device for the manuscript. If I saw "Aubade with Scorpions and Monsoon," "Constricting Aubade," and then "Aubade with Doves, a Television, and Fire" in a random table of contents, it would motivate me to take a chance on buying the book. No questions asked.
Congratulations on the publication!


Oliver de la Paz said...

Thanks! I had fun writing the Aubades. They also gave me the most headache while I was organizing the manuscript.