Wednesday, February 07, 2007

RE: The News/Secret

Someone's already let the cat out of the bag . . . I'll still not divulge until I see an "official announcement," but if you already know, I'm sure you're smiling.


Jerry the plumber came by and told me a harrowing story about a dog he had given up for adoption after he could no longer take care of her. Turns out that the dog was a pit bull mix and was blind as a bat. Also turned out that after he had given her up, she had been adopted by a family with a little boy. One day the little boy was drowning in the pool. The dog heard the boy, dove into the pool, and saved him.

Meanwhile, I was writing a check for plumbing services . . .


I'm on the verge of writing again. I can feel it. I've been on break for a few months, which is my typical pattern. AWP usually recharges my batteries. Hopefully I can get stuff done before then.


I busted out my chainsaw again. Now that I'm about 95% at my normal strength and speed, I can pick up the machine and cut back some of the trees that fell in the previous wind storms. Yesterday I spent about an hour cleaning up the disaster in the front yard.

Did I mention that homeownership sucks?


barbara jane said...

well, i've gone ahead and blogged said good news, since our poet friend said i could! :-) happy happy kickin ass.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hell, if he said you could, then I'll post the damn news, too. :D

barbara jane said...

i can't say 'kickin ass' enough, you know?

anyway. re: home ownership. man. there is definitely something to be said about a brand new home, though i am sure you know we are paying thru our noses (and other things) for it. property taxes are still so surreal to me.

jenni said...

I am shopping for houses right now and it's all very stressful. Sometimes I wonder if we should just stay in the apartment. I mean they do cut the grass for us and fix the toilet when it leaks.