Sunday, January 27, 2008

Oliver's CRAZY AWP Schedule

Wednesday, 1/30

Arrival JFK: 4:57PM

7:00PM--CC reading? I know dinner with Joseph Legaspi, Sarah Gambito, et al. for sure

Thursday, 1/31

10:30-11:45AM: Panel Presentation--Celebration Song, Circle Song: Kundiman Looks Back at its First Five Years. Conference Room K. Sheraton, Lower Level, Executive Conference Center. New York, NY.

2:00PM: Meeting with Tax Accountant (yes, I have a NY Tax Accountant who is AWESOME).

6:00PM-8:00PM: National Literary Organizations of NYC Welcome Reception

Friday, 2/1

2:30-3:30PM: Kundiman Table #220

6:00-9:00PM: Celebrating New Asian American Poetry. New York University. The Great Room, Room 101. 19 University Place. New York, NY.

Saturday, 2/2

8:00AM: Kundiman Staff/Board Meeting

3:00-4:15PM: Panel Presentation--Broadening the Circle: How Cave Canem and Kundiman Became Family. Conference Room D. Sheraton, Lower Level, Executive Conference Center. New York, NY.

6:00-8:00PM: Creative Writing Programs of the Pacific Northwest and the Rocky Mountain West Cocktail Party

Sunday, 2/3

3:00PM: Depart from JFK to Seattle

10:47PM: Arrival


If you want to see me, how about breakfast? :D


What should I buy? My budget's limited this year . . .


January said...

See you on Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

You should buy that lovely Jen Chang a new pair of strappy 3-inch heels. I honestly can't imagine a better contribution to poetry.

Oliver de la Paz said...

The "lovely Jen Chang" has certainly EARNED herself a new pair of strappy e-inch heels.

As for contributions to poetry . . . Jen Chang's a damn fine contribution to poetry, if you ask me.


Anonymous said...

Oh jeez. Keep to the shoes, man!

Trina said...

Robb and Liz Findley and I will be at the Pacific Northwest party. Hope to see you there.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Cool, Trina. I'll be there. I'm loaded with brochures from WWU and I'd love to unload them.