Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Crappy Day

So, on top of having a cold and feeling generally lousy, I got rear-ended today with L. in the car. But not only did I get rear-ended, I rear-ended the car in front of me. I was stopped at the stoplight in a 4-way intersection when I got plowed into by a lady in an oldsmobile. Her front end's mashed up. My rear and front are a bit dinged--the front end got the worst of it with the imprint of a pick-up's hitching pole imprinted into my fender. The car's still drivable and no one was hurt, but what a pain in the ass. L. was screaming his head off after the impact, but he wasn't hurt. Just scared. Again, we're okay. Everyone's okay.


At least it's Wednesday. That means the week's half way through.


All that said, I need to pack for a trip to SF on Thursday. We're heading out to celebrate Mere's sister's wedding. Unfortunately we won't be in SF for long . . . in and out rather quickly and heavily scheduled. For those of you in the Bay Area, this is me waving to you.


I'm just miffed. That's all. This too will pass.


stacebro said...

Oh, no! That's terrifying, Oliver! I'm so glad you boys are okay. Give L a big hug from the flatlands, and enjoy San Fran.

Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

So glad you're ok... car accidents suck. Have a great time in SF.

Diane Lockward said...

You've got company. I did the same thing a week ago when I was up in Massachusetts for two readings. My front bumper has to be replaced. The other car had minimal damage but it's a claim filed. i've got a $1000 deductible so between that and three nights in a hotel it was an expensive trip. Didn't sell quite enough books to cover it. (ha!) But lucky, like you, that both cars were drivable and no one hurt. There was a baby in the other car, but fortunately, I didn't realize that until after the other driver and I had exchanged information. Baby slept through the whole thing. Back to my old rule: No left turns crossing onto a busy street. And oh yes--your baby is absolutely adorable!