Wednesday, January 03, 2018

I'll bite. Here we go, 2018.

So the rumors of this blog's demise have been greatly exaggerated. Truthfully, life got in the way. Kids, job changes, etc. all took time away from what had been a joy. And when blogging started to feel like a chore I bailed. Then came Facebook and the novelty of it which has also gotten a bit stale for me, so here I am. What's old is new again! So here I am. And I'm going try and be faithful. **** So what's new? Last I blogged my second son was born. I've got three now and it's been a crazy life full of love, frustration, temper-tantrums, and hugs. I also left Western Washington University for a job at the College of the Holy Cross. There are dozens of reasons why I left a tenured full-professor job for a tenure-track associate-professor job, but the number one reason is for the kids I just mentioned. I miss the hell out of the West Coast, though. And I miss my friends and colleagues. Since my last blog posting I co-edited A Face to Meet the Faces with my dear friend, Stacey Lynn Brown and published my fourth collection, Post Subject: A Fable. Still working at two manuscripts--Nocturnes and Synaptic Labyrinth. Outside of all that I'm a bit heavier because of all the life changes and the craziness that comes with children. **** Recent things: Flurry of family activity. Kids are being treated for a variety of things. It's no secret to many of you that two of my boys are on the spectrum (whatever and however you understand it probably applies). So we've been shuttling back and forth from appointment to appointment. OT's and other therapies fill our days. There's a big gigantic Nor'easter that's headed our way and everyone's freaking out. I'm thinking about buying a generator. But of course a generator's damn expensive and it'll only get use on the occasion that the power goes out so it's like buying an insurance policy. Do I have the cash for the damn thing? And also I have to put the damn thing in storage when it's not used. **** Guilt I should work on my syllabi. New prep and all that. Plus I should take advantage of this longish break by writing. **** So here we are, bloggers. I'm back at it.