Thursday, September 23, 2004

Wireless and my multitasking ways

I bought an Airport Express with Airtunes recently because I'm a nerd. I have to say that this thing's incredible and I'm hooked on wireless. Yesterday evening, I commented on poems, had the television on, and read blogs all at the same time. My cable modem's on the other end of the house, so it was a great thrill to be connected to the internet. Will this gadget help my poetry? Definitely not, but it'll allow me to listen to Bjork's Medulla on itunes while I play with the dog in the living room. :-D

Speaking of Bjork, Meredith and I listened to her while we played LIFE. It was all very eerie with Bjork's gutteral chants and resonant choral melodies reverberating through the apartment while I pushed my tiny representation of myself through the twisted maze of the board. I ended up a millionaire, having won a Pulitzer, a Nobel, and being the discoverer of the cure for the common cold. Sadly, in my real life I have not been feted, honored, or even paid. And if I had in fact, found the cure for the common cold, I wouldn't be suffering from it now.


Artichoke Heart said...

I absolutely LOVE wireless!! Although I don't have Airport Express/Airtunes, and now you've sort of planted a seed regarding the inherent DESIRABILITY and USEFULNESS of Airtunes. Sorry about the cold. Half my department sounds like a tuberculosis ward right now. (I was very excited when you enabled comments, but have been too shy to comment until now. But perhaps cracking open a comment box for the first time is sort of like cracking open the sugary-crisp top of a creme brulee, no?)

Oliver de la Paz said...

Dear Artichoke Heart,

I love cracking the toasted layer of suger in my creme brulee. It's sort of like in early winter when you see those frozen puddles in the street and you stand on one of them in your yellow galoshes, listening to the creaky sound of the ice cracking. . .

Wireless is so fab. I've been taking my laptop on the deck and typing out lesson plans while the denizens of my neighborhood tear up the street, start fights, speed up and down with their motercycles, and mow their lawns.

Airtunes is ESPECIALLY groovy if you have a decent set of speakers in another room. Going to listen to some Iron & Wine while I hang out on the porch now!

Artichoke Heart said...

Porch writing may, in fact, be the single best thing about being wireless. At least in my book. And I particularly like it when frozen puddles have a little thin bubble of water trapped just below the top layer of ice that squishes back and forth as you step on it, before the entire thing comes cracking open. Sadly, I have no yellow galoshes, though.

Anonymous said...

Hey Oliver: I have no comment on Airtunes and wireless--but thought that you should know that on Rachel Yamagata's cd "Happenstance," there's a tune called "Moments with Oliver." It's a beautiful instrumental and it made me think of you.
Allison J.