Friday, December 10, 2004

Free at last!

So today's the last "official" day of the semester apart from finals week. I have the good fortune of not having to meet on finals week, so I'm technically finished with the Fall 2004 semester as of 12:30PM.

The weekend's looking pretty full, though. I've got two dinners to attend and a goodbye party for a friend who teaches at Hamilton.

Anyway my Christmas break isn't really going to be a break at all. I'll be going to the dreaded MLA conference where I'll be surrounded by dust-soaked tweed and leather elbow pads (apologies to anyone who actually dresses this way). I'll also have the opportunity to observe people in the humanities acting inhumane. I'm generalizing, of course. I'm just cranky because I have to leave Oregon early for the conference and I haven't seen my mom and dad since the summer.

I've also got a plan to write during the Christmas break. Two weeks in boring old Ontario, OR, will definitely keep me propped in front of my laptop writing poems about cow-pie chucking. By the way, I've somehow convinced Meredith that the Jackalope is an actual animal.


Stay tuned.


aimee said...

it IS a real animal!! did you not see the opening short in The Indredibles?? I have been trying to convince D of this for months...the jackalope lives in Arizona. Duh. ;)

Eduardo C. Corral said...

Yep, Lady Nez is right. Jackalope do live in Arizona. In fact, I had jackalope for dinner last night. Yummy. Tastes like mermaid.

Dustin said...

How would A know that they exist? She runs away from frogs! Imagine what would happen if she saw something like a rabbit in the desert with horns on it?!