Tuesday, March 22, 2005

AWP is dangerous for the pocketbook.

Every year that I have attended AWP (since 1997) I have left the conference with an armful of books and journals. It's deadly. It's dangerous. I have to admit that I go to very few of the readings and panels. Rather, I hang out with friends and dine at the various restaurants. I cruise the book fair at least twenty times, and I hang out at the hotel bar (I don't drink much, but it seems y'all do). This year I have been asked to be a bit more . . . careful with the finances. So . . . if I'm doing any one-stop shopping, where should I go? Any of you setting up tables at the book fair? Got any discounts? ;-)


C. Dale said...

For you, ODLP, I might probably give you a free copy of the new NER. Better yet, a free drink! I suspect you might be a total hoot with a drink or two in you.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Hi! Glad to hear you're coming to AWP this year. Are you going to drop by Bellingham while in the area? I won't be attending the conference, but would love to get together if you're in town.


Oliver de la Paz said...

To C. Dale . . . I turn bright red, my pulse quickens, and I look like I'm close to exploding when you get alcohol in me. If that amuses you, so be it. ;-)

Rebecca, I'm not sure. I won't have any ground transportation while I'm in Vancouver. You SHOULD drop by, though! Seriously!

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


Gah, too bad you won't have ground transport. I may be able to swing up there on Friday night - do you have any plans yet or know if any other FilAms will be attending?

Maybe we could try and sneak out for BBQ like we did in Kansas City in 2000.


EILEEN said...

Table 101, Oliver! Yep -- publisher's giving 30% discount on all books, including moi brick.

And what's great drinking isn't gonna be at the bar (at least on wine). It's gonna be what's beneath the skirt...of the skirted table at which this Missy WinePoetics is gonna be presiding...:-)

Friday is

Dustin said...

Hey, if you hit the Mid-Am table, I'll toss you a free copy...the new issue has a review of Sarah's book by Aimee...and other great stuff.