Monday, March 28, 2005

Taxes, taxes, taxes . . .

I got my refund the other day. Big smile!

The sad thing about this refund . . . it's not really my money. It's going straight to debt-payment. Big frown.

I've learned a number of things from my tax accountant, though. I've learned that I'm not declaring enough of my purchases and I clearly need to be more meticulous in my record-keeping. In one instance, I had forgotten that I had bought bookshelves in the Fall. Lucky for me, the accountant asked me if I bought books and whether I had purchased shelves to house those books.

Hell of an accountant, I must say.


Reb said...

Wow, I thought I deducted a lot. Bookshelves and books! Did you deduct every poetry-related book?

Oliver de la Paz said...

I deducted as many poetry books that I remembered purchasing during the year.

Things I also purchased:

Office chair
Postage (lots of postage)
Computer paper
Computer repair (hard drive died)
Digital camera chip (I'm also in charge of the journal at my school, so I had to take photos of the subitted work)
Office supplies (this is a broad category, but I buy a lot of office supplies)
Book Contest fees
Laptop bag

There are still more things . . .

Major Tom said...

Greetings From Mars...It's kinda amazing that purchases of books are deductible in America, unlike here in the Philippines.