Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Some Poems

Do I sound like that in real life?

Love to Fishouse once again.


How has your experience been with the new blogger? I'm thinking about making the shift when I visit the office to do some work. Good? Bad?


It's windy and rainy again, and I'm nervous about our pine trees. It's been raining a lot and lots of rain + poor drainage + wind = toppling trees.


Can you believe Boise St.'s win last night? Lovely article about it courtesy of Janet's link to Pat Forde's article


Anonymous said...

I really appreciate Fishouse because I don't get to many readings and I can listen over there. Enjoyed your poems, especially "Aubade with Doves a Television and Fire."

I didn't have any problems with new blogger. Not a one.

Anonymous said...

I traded up to Blogger Beta back in Oct and I really like it's flexibility. It's a lot easier to move things around and add links to sidebars. No coding necessary!

The only problems I've heard about are interface issues between Blogger and LJ.

Anonymous said...

1) In real life your voice sounds deeper.

2) No problems with the new blogger.

3) Hello! The Hello poem lives! Long live the Hello poem!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Yeah, Pops. The "Hello" poem can't die.

I can't switch to the new blogger for some reason. Deus Ex Machina tells me that I blog too much.