Thursday, March 22, 2007

Lucky Day

There was a raffle at AWP to win a prize . . .

I won an iPod shuffle From the Fishouse.

I think I'll ask for all my poems to be put on the shuffle multiple times. . .


Meredith grouted the floor yesterday. I did clean up. The floor looks FREAKING AWESOME. I've got pics. I'll post the before and after stuff after I get done grading.

Speaking of grout, when I was an undergrad at LMU, there was a urinal in the library, set into a tile backsplash. The grouting between the tiles had a bunch of sayings like "Wayne Groutsky" in one person's hand writing and then "The Grout One" in someone else's hand writing. There were more plays on the word "grout" than anyone could imagine. Ever since, I chuckle when I hear the word, "grout."


As for the grading, I'm almost done with stacks and stacks of portfolios. I had my students in my poetic forms class create their own forms. Some of the forms are super complicated, but doable. I'm impressed!


Currently listening to Beirut as I grade.


Allison J. said...

Can you and Meredith re-do our bathroom when you're finished?
Just kidding. But seriously, I would like to get my hands on some of those forms your students have invented--I'm teaching a forms class too this semester, and it would be neat to give your students' forms to my students as an extra credit assignment.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Will do, A.J.. The forms are in their portfolios which have been turned in to the department for pick-up. I'll try to ferret out a few of the goodies.