Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ever since . . .

I got back from C'ville, my left eye's got the "winkies" and my mosquito bites have become extremely itchy.


Much laughter and tears at Kundiman year 4. My own stoic self broke down. I had prided myself on previous tearless retreats, but I didn't make it this year. It was just damn good to see folks who I hadn't seen in a number of years.

We "graduated" Margaret and Jennifer.

Both of the Kundiman panels I proposed were accepted for AWP 08.

We celebrated many new forthcoming books by staff members.

I learned about a new drink, "None of your goddamn business," concocted by Jennifer Chang. It's quite good.

When I get home, I'll post the group photo.


Summer session starts today. Eek and egad.

Shouldn't be too bad, though. It's the same course I taught in the Spring.


Home upgrades are forthcoming. I got back home and Meredith had already moved my dresser out of the bedroom. She had also moved all the tubs of primer, several gallons of paint, the ceiling scraper (to remove popcorn ceilings), several tarps, and various brushes and rollers.

My oh my.


I'm pumped about writing this summer. I'm going to try the poem a month thing again in August.


Debbie said...

You ROCK, wisest, leader pea-orb of our pod. Being forced to leave all 25 of the people I fell in love with, I uncontrollably emoted all through the airports of CHO, IAD and SFO. I could barely enjoy my chocolate chip oatmeal cookie. It was messy. It was beautiful.

stacebro said...

Make sure you wet down the ceiling before scraping it. Popcorn=possible asbestos=yuck!

Much love from still in Eugene for now...