Monday, October 15, 2007

Set List

So as I mentioned earlier, the very first reading from Furious Lullaby will be tonight. I'm contending with a weird issue at the moment. . .

If one is promoting a new book, is it bad to read new stuff not in the book?

And if it's not a good time, when is a good time to "move on" so to speak?

Anyway, books are often anachronisms, and I wonder if a more accurate display of time as it pertains to a writing life would be to read from a range of projects (yes, I'm trying to justify reading new work).


Suddenly obsessed with football. The Seahawks are faring miserably and have, perhaps, exceeded their shelf-life as a viable contender. It's sad, too, because my favorite workhorse player, Mack Strong, had a spinal cord injury (I heard he broke his neck) last week and had to retire.

Such a violent sport.


Meredith and I purchased a new front loading washer and dryer set this weekend to celebrate our second anniversary. It only gets better from here. ;-) XOXO


oscar bermeo said...

best of luck at yr reading tonight!

as an audience member, i am always a fan of the new stuff. makes me feel like some history is happening right in my midst. ya know?

also, planning on doing any cover poems?

Teri the former dog whisperer said...

I have seen authors read from the work in question and then at the end say they would like to share from their upcoming work. I think it is an extra treat for listeners.

Hope you and Jake (and Meredith--I just rarely saw her) are well, or at least better than me right now!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Hey Oscar and Teri,

No, I generally don't read cover poems 'cause I'm afraid I'll do a disservice to them. Galway Kinnell did some of the best "cover" readings that I've ever heard . . . I don't think I have his deep voice.

So I suppose I'll read some new stuff. Thanks for your advice. Jake and Mere are well, Teri. We just finished a one and a half hour run through the pouring rain and he loved every minute of it.

Please, take care of yourself!

Anne said...

I agree -- if you want to read new stuff, read new stuff. If nothing else, it makes the statement that this book ain't the end of it! :) Break a leg--

Lee Herrick said...

Good vibes for your reading tonight, Oliver. Enjoy.

Peter said...

Lately I've been reading 3-5 new poems first, then going to reading from the new book.
It's helped me to warm up with newer material, as I am so familiar with the book poems by now.
And then I can alter the book reading based on the energy I am perceiving from the audience.

Hope to make it to one of your readings!