Friday, November 23, 2007

Post Turkey

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our friends Caryn and Dylan. First time I've ever had sauteed leeks for Thanksgiving and they were delicious . . . especially when taken with a little bite of turkey. For dessert, our hosts had prepared four pies. Quite a feat for two busy people.

Meanwhile a state and a half away, my parents were hosting my aunts and uncles from my father's side. I'm guessing they had dim sum. Yes. Dim sum. Every year for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, my mother makes a batch of dim sum: pot stickers, sticky buns, you name it. There was usually the obligatory turkey, but the hit is almost always the "non-traditional" Thanksgiving fare.


Now that I have satellite broadband, I also have iTunes again. I've been bad.


My Xbox 360 has died. It got struck down by the red ring of death. I was playing my basketball game and then the dang thing froze, mid-jump shot. I am a sad panda.

What's a boy to do? Read? Write poetry? Pffffft.


Perhaps the death of the fun machine comes at a perfect time. This is the last big push before the end of the quarter and I've got stacks of poems to "grade." *sigh*


What do I want for Christmas? What do YOU want for Christmas?


oscar bermeo said...

happy leftovers day! (yeah, that's what i'm callin it.)

back in nyc, the fave non-traditional main daish was a perfect pernil. you can find a pretty good recipe here but it's missing some goya adobo.

take care,

Lee Herrick said...

have you seen the iPod Touch? One word: sweet.

Oliver de la Paz said...

SWEET, Oscar. I'll look into that recipe.

We had leeks and Brussel sprouts for Turkeyday along with the "usual suspects." Quite surprising, but quite good.

And Lee, I'm not allowed to get any more toys until after Christmas. :-(