Monday, December 24, 2007

A Wee Holiday Poem on Verse Daily

Thanks to Stephanie for pointing out that I've got a poem on today's Verse Daily page.

My folks are in town for the holidays, so I've been a bit busy (hence why I was in such a rush to finish the bathroom).

So, I'm off for awhile. Happy Holidays everyone!


Sandra said...

Hey, congrats on Verse Daily! Beautiful poem. I hopped right on over to the blog as soon as I saw it.

Take a long, deep breath and enjoy the holiday...

Cheers, SB

Oliver de la Paz said...

Thanks, Sandra!

Happy Holidays to you!

jeannine said...

Congrats - and Merry Christmas!

John Gallaher said...

Which reminds me, "Penitence Essay" is my favorite poem from Furious Lullaby. Just spot on.