Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hmmm . . . Should I Participate?

Ever since Maureen Thorson came up with NaPoWriMo, I've wanted to participate. Now the Academy is in the mix.

If I do choose to participate, it won't be through the Academy or as a fund raiser. When I wrote my poem-a-days for the month of August, I felt the camaraderie between poets, but I also had time to savor the company.

Now, in the midst of a new quarter, I'm not sure I'll be able to do a NaPoWriMo justice.

We'll see.


First day of the quarter. Sunny. Bright. Horrible classroom. Looks like a holding cell.


Long Poem writing prompts for my graduate class forthcoming. Basically, students will be writing one long poem. Some of the prompts/assignments will be generative while others will be revisionary. We'll see what happens!

Current Spin:

Great Lake Swimmers. "Pulling On A Line."


January said...

Didn't know about the Academy fundraiser. Interesting.

Should you participate? Yes. Think of all the poems you'll have by the end of the month. And, we can all commiserate (read: suffer) together.

32poems.com said...

Just try! If you "fail," you might end up with only five new drafts. Will you be crying? I think not.

Deb at 32 Poems

Penultimatina said...

Yeah, I really want to do it. My desk says otherwise.

Oliver de la Paz said...