Monday, May 04, 2009

Hot diggity

So glad to be out of April.


May's looking to be a crazy month with lots of graduate students defending during the first two full weeks. I've got two students defending this week and two next week. All of 'em have put together some really incredible and publishable work.


Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The title, of course, suggests that there will be other origin stories.

What can I say . . . it was exactly what I thought it was. I had a big bucket of popcorn and I shared it with my younger cousins. I turned my brain off and watched big explosions and martial arts.

I wanted a bit more of Deadpool, and the geek in me was cringing a little bit at how they sort of mangled his story.

I also wanted more of Gambit . . . but otherwise, I enjoyed myself.


Now, looking forward to this:

Star Trek! Check out Leonard Nimoy!


Current Spin:

Passion Pit. "The Reeling."


Anonymous said...

Ahh! I believe we're gonna see Star Trek on IMAX. Totally can't wait!

As for Wolverine, yeah, I turned off my brain too, at least its higher functions. Though I will say I enjoyed Liev Schreiber as Victor. And was not too bad.

Barbara Jane Reyes said...

hey again ollie, OMFG you MUST go see this movie like asap. So very good. then we can talk ....

Oliver de la Paz said...

GAH! You already saw it?!!!

Barbara Jane Reyes said...

yeah well, we're geeky that way :-) not on the big IMAX in SF but on the mini IMAX in the east bay.