Thursday, May 14, 2009

In Oliver's workshop sessions today:

I told students to write down the contents of the garbage containers for their characters.

I muddled over the differences between "Squawk" and "Squeak"

I said ". . . freaking Mary Oliver."

I pulled an assignment out of my ass entitled "Diptych: The Knife in the Actor's Hand/The Ghost in the Wings."


Sunny, finally. The window guys are replacing our old aluminum windows for vinyl ones. Should help us save some money in the winter from lowered heating costs.

I don't know how far along they are. I'll find out soon.


In an effort to save money, Meredith and I are consciously trying to eat out less. Right now, though, I'm craving sushi.

It's been hard deciding what's going to go. We'll definitely get the most basic satellite TV subscription. That's for sure. But what else will we cut? I'm thinking about losing the land line, since I do tend to use my cell phone a lot more these days.

We were talking about also losing the internet, but I do need it for work. Decisions, decisions.


Current Spin:

Sandy Denny & Fairport Convention. "Who Knows Where the Time Goes."


jeannine said...

As an ex-telecom employee, and also an ex-Washingtonian, let me recommend that you keep a basic landline. Because:
1: In an emergency, it's the only thing that works. Much better chance of getting through to say, 911 on a landline than your cell. Very useful in case of earthquake or other natural disaster.
2. If your power goes out, and you can't charge your cell phones, you can still use an old-fashioned corded landline phone.
3. They don't cause tumors! (All I'm sayin' is...there's no proof cell phones don't.)

Ivy said...

Hi Oliver,

It's easy to learn how to make sushi -- there's lots of instructables and videos showing how to roll, etc. online. I use smoked salmon because then I don't have to worry about choosing cuts of fish and so on. It's fun, too, and great for bringing along to lunch.

Good luck with it! :-)

WV: shame [for realz]

Penny Chambers said...

Oliver, if you prefer hands-on learning, my friend Yukiko is teaching at WWC - link is:

"Sushi 101"

Penny Chambers :)

Penny Chambers said...

Oliver, if you prefer hands-on learning, my friend Yukiko is teaching sushi class TOMORROW at WWC - link is:

"Sushi 101"

Penny Chambers :)