Saturday, July 18, 2009

Is getting guilty

First off, my current theme song:


Now, I've been sucked into the internet vortex. Clearly I need to get off my ass and start creating art, but I've never been one of those artists who could sit for hours on end in front of a pad, typewriter, computer screen and grind. I'm not a grinder.

I like this one story I heard about Dylan Thomas the other day . . . Apparently after an all-night bender, he woke up the next morning and went to his writing shed, as per his ritual. He sat there for several hours writing nothing. Finally, he wrote "Oh!" as in the poetic "Oh!" Thus, fulfilling his writing obligations for that morning.

So . . . this blog is, in a way, fulfilling my "Oh!" quota.



It's too damn hot to sit still, though now there's a very pleasant breeze which is bringing along with it some very unpleasant pine pollen.


My 160 GB iPod is almost full. How ya like me now, Best Buy jerk?.


Speaking of audio, I've been recording MP3's of myself. Anyone know how to attach 'em to a blog? I'm assuming I need to go to a third party site like Youtube or something.


Children next door . . . screaming.


Current Spin:

Vetiver. I like how it's Karaoke-ready.

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Matthew said...

one of the easiest ways to post audio is through a site like You can get a free account and copy the code to embed a player in your posts.

Wordpress also has an audio player plugin which is a little harder to use, but looks cleaner....