Thursday, August 06, 2009


Or at least, they're selling like hotcakes: Handmade notebooks made by Jovencio de la Paz, my cousin.


Speaking of hotcakes, I want some.


Gray day. As opposed to a grey day, which is the British spelling. I remember a particular grad school mentor used to berate people for using the British spelling in their poems. I have to admit, "grey" is sexier than "gray."

I've never had an experience with a journal editor who preferred either spelling. Have you?


Five more days till the Camano Island house.


Current Spin:

The Russian Futurists. The world is not ready for this band yet.



ejcolen said...

The grey/gray debate: I have had this come up. Twice! One was Jeremy for Knockout, the other... I don't remember. I much prefer the sexier grey. As in, today is a very grey day.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Twice, huh? When I send out my stuff, I edit "grey" out. It breaks my heart but I'm not the argumentative type.