Saturday, September 05, 2009

They're All Going Out! All of Them!

Yes, that's right . . . I've sent seven packets of poems out into the world. I'm not sim-subbing them because I just don't want to do all the heavy tracking that I had been doing the past year. And with a lot of the pieces being submitted electronically, there's no need because the turnaround time has been really fast.


I'm not ashamed to admit that I totally want The Beatles Rock Band game.


I'll be on the air tomorrow at 6:55 PM EST: Joe Milford Poetry Show.

Current Spin:

Bonnie 'Prince' Billy.


Steve Fellner said...


This is going to sound like a wierd question, and I don't want it in any way to seem like a loaded one, at the same time; I am curious: do you ever feel like you're putting too many poems out in the world.

(P.S. I've only bought your first book, and did enjoy it...

Oliver de la Paz said...


Well sure. Sometimes. But I sort of view journal publication in a particular light--I see submissions to journals as a gauge. In many ways it helps me determine how far along I am in a given project. If I get a whole stream of rejections (and I often do) that tells me something. So in other words, it helps my editorial process. I don't need the pubs to get tenure at this point (though they help).

So, right now I've got a new project that fills me with a great amount of uncertainty. (Mind you, this is the most productive I've been since I've been writing poems, so it just so happens that I do have a lot of poems to submit). I want to get a feel for the new work by seeing how others feel about it. Yeah, it's the confidence game.

And thanks for getting that first book. :D

Kells said...

Hi Oliver,

I don't sim-sub either b/c it's too much work.

congrats on sending your poems out, that inspires me.

And I'm intrigued by that Beatles Rock Band game too, I was just talking about that this morning.

Oliver de la Paz said...


Did I give you my copy of a submissions tracker? I remember mentioning it to you on Whidbey.

Kells said...

That's right! No, I don't have it, can you send it so it's compatible for MS? (I remember you were the cool Mac kid, I was the awkward Microsoft).

Luke said...

Good luck with the poem packets...

Add me to the list of people excited for the Beatles Rock Band, just as long as I don't have to be Ringo...ever.

wv: rises

Oliver de la Paz said...

Thanks Luke.

And doesn't that game look great?! Word is, in between tracks, there's also unreleased in-studio banter.