Tuesday, January 05, 2010

New Beginnings

Winter quarter has begun and I feel like I need just one more week of vacation. So many deadlines and so much class prep in the short amount of time between coming back from Atlanta and the new quarter--I'm dizzy.


I've hired someone to redesign my website. While there's nothing wrong with my old one, I feel the need for change. This new design will also have blogging capabilities, so poor blogger will probably go by the wayside.

I'm quite nostalgic about this particular blog, since I've had the blog for almost six years, and I've met lots of poets through these pages. *sniff*


I'm teaching my long poem class again, only this time as an undergraduate seminar. I'm a little apprehensive about managing this class. We'll see how it goes.


How were your holidays? Mine were difficult. A part of me is glad to be back into a routine. But, as I said earlier, I could still use a week off.


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Penultimatina said...

I need someone to redesign my website, too (but for reasons that are very complicated).

Here's to the new!