Friday, January 28, 2005

Nerd Alert, redux

I log my submissions to journals as well as to book contests via Microsoft Excel.

In my spreadsheet, I compute the costs of submitting to book contests. So far in book contests entry fees alone, I've spent close to $300.00. That's not including things like postage and paper.

But that's not what I'm here to talk to you about today . . . I love my spreadsheet.

That is all.


L.Ho said...

oliver, don't think you are alone on this one. i suspect there are others who are just as nerdy. i, for one, am most definitely among the spreadsheet lovers... as odd as it sounds to say - ahem, i mean TYPE it aloud. to be super-nerdy, i'd like to actually see your layout, what kinds of things you include in yours other than costs. okay - i'm going to go now before this becomes too incriminating & i lose my glam & glossy reputation. :) -leslieann

Oliver de la Paz said...

You're always glam, L. :)

By the way, added your blog to my list.

C. Dale said...

Remember you can write off the cost of postage for submissions as a practicing writer! I guess I am surprised there are that many contests for second books. I didn't enter a single contest for my second book because all I could think of was the NPS.

shanna said...

ha! me too. i use excel to track deadlines and filemaker pro to log submissions so i have a complete history of what's been sent where, back to like 1995. prior to 1995 i did it in a notebook. i think i still have that somewhere. i also save every rejection slip and acceptance letter in large manila envelopes. :)

Oliver de la Paz said...

You know, Shanna . . . I've even been tempted to buy the latest version of Filemaker for logging publications.

I too keep a manila envelope which contains all my rejections since 1995.

We're nerds.