Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Notebook thingies

Eduardo Corral has asked for some notebook musings and so you have some. This is from the top page of my yellow-pad:

-like sable plumes on helmets
-cards perfumed with balsam
-sometimes her yellow hair
got into the corners of his mouth

-bound in tunic and dark carmel papers.

-in the moonlight it is jade-green snow

-there are two versions of her story

-licorice-flavored tobacco

-a bat caught in a wall of linen

-rings on the inside of the coffee mug from milk look like tree rings

-dizzying trapezoid rooms

-moisture on plums form a window

-agates in the window and dry pussywillow

-linger like red berries in winter


barbara jane said...

oliver, this is beautiful: "in the moonlight it is jade-green snow."

and "wall of linen" reminds me of the painter leon golub.

peace, barb

Oliver de la Paz said...

Thanks Barb! They're basically lines that are poem-less at the moment. ;-)