Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The Empire of the Dandelion

Our lawn has been overrun. Their imperial helmets jut out all over the yard. It's been two weeks since I've mowed. If we hadn't had that very brief rainfall, I could've lasted a third week. Alas. :-(

To be clear, though, the majority of the lawn is moss and broad-leafed weeds. I'm going to have to kill the lawn and re-seed everything later. It's a total bummer.


I have a card for a Bikram Yoga center. I've never taken a yoga class, so Bikram Yoga is probably out. I can't imagine attempting 26 postures (I only know one or two) in a super-heated room.


Deadlines this week:

5 prose poems, 3 regular poems, a revised manuscript for contests. Additionally, a new syllabus for Introduction to Poetry and some changes to my Asian American Literature course.


Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

O--revel in the beauty of dandilions before you whack them. And at least you're in the PNW, where lawns which are re-seeded in the early spring will actually grow, as opposed to the arid altitude of Colorado.

Mighty high goals for the week! Let me see some of the spoils!

January said...

Olie, have you thought about participating in Poetry Thursday?

Good luck with the goals.