Monday, August 14, 2006

I have an attraction . . .

. . . to messy poems. This is a recent thing, and by recent I mean two or three years. Akin to an obsession with Sodoku, I call it my Rube-Goldberg sensibility. Remember playing Mousetrap? I wanted that game for the longest time, and yet I never ever really played the thing. There's something about poets who can reconcile disparate images . . . I really admire that ability.

Anyway, years ago, I was a science major. I think my scientific brain tickles my poetic sensibilities at times.



Write a poem with the following items:

1. A freezer car on a train.

2. Use a lyric by Marvin Gaye

3. There must be the plumage of a bird somewhere in the poem

4. There must be a flashback to a foreign city.


Still uploading songs to iTunes. I'm at 6794 songs, 18.8 days worth of music.


barbara jane said...

ack, "messy" can sound so unkind, but i get what you mean. i feel like such a "messy" poet most times :-)

Oliver de la Paz said...

You're right, of course. "Messy" has got "negative connotation" written all over it. But it's true . . . I'm attracted to poems with mohawks, piercings, tats . . . they're the kind of poems you can't take home to momma.

What's a better word? Definitely not flawed, though I like those too.

Maybe it's the problem-solver in me. Maybe messy feels more true to the way people think . . .

barbara jane said...

ah, you mean work with fangs? maybe? mee too. i *heart* work with fangs :-)

what i hear you saying is that in addition to the above, you like work that doesn't just lay it all out as obviously as possible for the reader, work that requires the reader to think and work a little.

this is not a bad thing at all.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Yeah, that. I guess I'm saying I like poems that are willing to take on difficulty, and with that force me to listen very carefully and intently.

Sometimes clarity is sinister.