Saturday, October 14, 2006

The new Beck album . . .

. . . has stickers!!!!!


Re-spin on the iPod = Ryan Adams & the Cardinals, "Magnolia Mountain"


honky-tonk |ˈhä ng kē ˌtä ng k; ˈhô ng kē ˌtô ng k| noun informal 1 a cheap or disreputable bar, club, or dancehall, typically where country music is played : country bands at highway honky-tonks. • [as adj. ] squalid and disreputable : a honky-tonk beach resort. 2 country music : good-time urban cowboy fare with a hint of honky-tonk and a healthy measure of rock. 3 [often as adj. ] ragtime piano music. verb [ intrans. ] listen to or dance to country music : come on, let's go honky-tonking. ORIGIN late 19th cent.: of unknown origin.


Going to work on the well with the neighbors tomorrow. I'm a county boy, now.

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