Friday, October 20, 2006

The World Series

So it's the Cards vs. the Tigers. Baseball is alive and well in the Midwest. I'm actually rooting for the Tigers, 'cause I like Jim Leland.


Lyric in my head:

"One shot, one beer, and a kiss before I go."


I was floored by the outcome of Project Runway. I thought Michael's stuff was totally disappointing and overly "hoochie." I thought Laura's pieces were gorgeous but predictable, and I thought Uli's stuff was going to win. But I think, in the end, Jeffrey won the vote because he KNEW what his point of view was and he could articulate his aesthetic the most effectively. I didn't like his clothes so much, but he knows his audience and he knows who he is as a designer.


I'm slowly becoming addicted to Battlestar Gallactica.


I love wearing Fall clothes. Scarves, yes. Elegant wool jackets, yes. Knitted caps, yes.


Should I watch "Flicka" or "Flags of Our Fathers"? I'm still puzzled about a piece of dialogue from the "Flicka" trailor. So the wife of the father tells the father that he is like his daughter. . . At some point, someone tells the daughter or says the daughter is like the horse . . . therefore, does that make the father a horse?

The film I REALLY would rather see that isn't here is "Marie Antoinette." I curse this rural life-style.


anything but poetry said...

When NYC gets on my nerves, I comfort myself with the fact that all the great movies open here first...Go with Flags of Our Fathers. You can never count out Clint when he's directing...

Peter said...

I agree about PR: Jeffery won because he KNEW who he was, knew his point of view. And I think the same can be said about a lot of art, and poetry in particular: get clear on who you are and what your point of view is, and the work will follow.

PS: I thought Uli would win, too; even though I was rooting for Laura.

oscar said...

battlestar galactica is the jam. for reals.

and since the tigers knocked the yanks out: Go Cards!

Oliver de la Paz said...

Aaron, that's one thing I miss about being close to NYC . . . the Angelika. Man, that was a great movie theater. I may see Flags of Our Fathers, but I doubt my wife'll go. She can't stand violence in film. Anyway, the other film I want to see is The Science of Sleep. Luckily that's here.

Peter, couldn't agree with you more, though I'm SHOCKED that you liked Laura. *wink*

Finally, Oscar . . . don't you have a wedding to plan??? I'll bet you a poem, the Tigers will win.