Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May 1st

Nothing important to say.
It's the first day of May . . . and it looks like I've started . . . penning a couplet. Eek.


Confession: I went to a White Snake concert when I was younger. (It would've been an even bigger confession if it was "I went to a White Snake concert yesterday).


Stephanie King said...

I LOVE WhiteSnake.

I heard there is going to be a "mulletstock" or something like that. Poison, whitesnake, etc. are going to be there. I am desperate to go.

Paul said...

That's awesome. I went to a Def Leppard concert a few years ago, given a free ticket, and I thought, why not? And you know what? They were really good. I have to admit it.

Oliver de la Paz said...

See, and the other thing was . . . they were actually quite good. Theatrical. Operatic. Overwrought. Everything you expect in an early 80's glam rock performance.

By the way, their opener was Great White. It was the "Great White Snake" tour.

Lee Herrick said...

I feel your pain. Reading your post, I had flashbacks to my days of loving Quiet Riot and Ratt.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Oh, hell, I had cassettes of those guys, Lee. There. I said it.

My favorite of all the 80's glam rock cassettes was Def Leppard's "Pyromania."

Isn't that horrible? What's even worse, I think I actually owned Poison's "Open Up and Say Ahhhh."