Sunday, August 24, 2008

A Cautionary Tale from Stacey

Welcome to the blogosphere, Stacey Lynn Brown who also serves up a cautionary tale.


Stacey's husband and my good friend, Adrian Matejka had his manuscript, Mixology chosen for the National Poetry Series! Congratulations!


My parents are coming this week . . . thank goodness. Meredith & I are in need of a minor rescue.

At least football season's starting up again.


Still dealing with the ebb n' flow of inspiration. Some days I want to do this poem-a-day thing, but most days I'm coming to the computer pretty spent. I'll keep at it. Only 7 more days . . .


Marsupialus said...

Surprising that a writing teacher would simply accept a first person narrative from Ms. Brown uncritically. Entirely possible that the publisher has another side to this, don't you think? Perhaps that ought to be explored first before rendering a verdict.

Oliver de la Paz said...

Dear Marsupialus,

Firstly, you don't know me, so you don't know WHAT I know about this issue. Secondly, I find it problematic that you address my teaching abilities as the entry for your post. I'm not certain that you have an understanding of your audience on this particular forum. I'm aware of my subject position and I'm also aware of the fact that my position is subject to change given the information I'm provided. I've read the letter from the press, and I've heard Stacey's account as well as accounts from other notable writers whom I'm friends with. I'm articulating my position and that is I think this is a story that other writers need to hear about.

And I DO believe that the issue between Stacey, and let me guess, your press, is an opportunity to instruct. So, what have I learned? Quite a bit, and I'll certainly use this new-found knowledge to inform other writers.

Perhaps you should create your own blog as your forum for this issue?