Thursday, August 21, 2008

Wearing Out

Oh boy . . . I'm getting tired of writing a poem a day. I feel I started with quite the flourish, but now I'm laboring . . . my drafts are feeling more and more forced and my inner critic is getting more critical.

I'm going to persist, though. Maybe something workable will come from the schlock.


All that being said, I printed out all my pages and it's clear I've got a book and a half between what I've started here, and my other writings. I know it's two books because of the content and the tone. The half book is a lot darker and external while the whole book does have some darker poems, but also has junctures where the "I" doesn't take itself seriously.

For the "whole" book, I need a "pivot foot," to use a basketball term--a poem or an idea that allows the body of the book to rotate. Yes, there are several similar poetic sequences, but tonally, many of them are quite distinct.


I'm finding that it's easier for me to write narratives while donning a mask. Maybe that's my latent Catholicism preventing me to lie as myself.


Man, that VQR Book Series makes gorgeous books. Just read through Boy, now I'm reading Field Folly Snow. I had read The History of Anonymity, of course, and I love it. It's really interesting to see this book series come together. The voices are quite different, which is an admirable thing for a book series. The covers--lovely, and I wouldn't mind having a book published with that series.


I need to pick up a book that's highly lyrical--so much so that the narrative or the concept of the narrative is emotive. Weird request, I know, but got any recommendations?


I'm going to try to finish up my new prose poem project this September . . . I've got a ton of "Dear Empire" poems that need to be typed.


I want a Hershey's Dark Chocolate bar.

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Ayse Papatya Bucak said...

Lyrical isn't an apt description (more language-y) but you might be invigorated by the sounds of our mix club mate Mark Scroggins in his book Anarchy.