Tuesday, September 30, 2008

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Horse Feathers, Curs in the Weeds


The quarter is in full swing. We've been trying to figure out our child-care times. So basically there are a couple of days in the week where we pass the baby like a baton.


I've been keeping close tabs on the financial crisis. Madness. It really is.


In light of the madness with the housing market, my parents have decided that it's a good idea to buy a house.

It's true. My parents are planning to buy a retirement house nearby. That'll help with the kid-care, for sure, but our area's not cheap so I'm worried 'bout their savings.


In spite of all my worries I have not caught a cold . . . yet.

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Amy Gibson said...

i think you will like this.


good luck with all the juggling you are doing- i have complete faith in you.
best wishes,
amy g