Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Now back to your regularly scheduled cuteness.

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Done with the poem-a-day thing for August and I'm coming away with a knowledge of some habits and of the fact that I think I have a manuscript and a half between 2007 and this new 2008 material.

My habits/observations--when I'm in a rut, I fall back to cataloging lines or lists. Nothing wrong with this, but I know I get tired of what's going on and there's only so far I can take said catalog.

When I get stuck, I quit on a poem or I cannibalize it into another poem. Just an observation.

Writing in such a deliberate way became a chore and at many points, I hated the process--a community helps at this point, so I'm grateful for the five other poets who were doing this with me.

I only cheated once, otherwise thirty of the thirty-one days were filled with new work.

Mostly, I learned how hard but doable it is to create new work with an infant in the house. The bottom line--you need to have someone to support you, so thank you Meredith! You're a saint. Really really really.


Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

You're absolutely right--without support from your partner, writing with kids is a challenge to say the least. Hooray for finishing and for getting so much new work!

stacebro said...

Can Meredith come over to OUR house?

stacebro said...

Can Meredith come over to OUR house?