Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fall Harvest

Tonight we'll be headed to the annual Foothills Fall Harvest party where cider will be served and where perhaps performers from the Subdued String Band Jamboree may be performing.

We went to this shindig last year and it was tons of fun--lots of food and locals. If you haven't figured it out yet, I live out in the boonies.


At any rate, it's certainly Fall. The maples are starting to turn and it's becoming scarf weather. I have to say that Fall is actually my favorite season. I can't stand being too hot or too cold. And I love coats!


I've been following this AIG and Lehman Brothers collapse. Locally, we've also been dealing with the WaMu problems. I almost got a home loan from WaMu. Scary stuff, and even though I'm financed through a different lending institution I'm sure that it'll effect my loan in some way. Fingers crossed.


My goal is to send work out next week. Hold me to my goal please.


John Gallaher said...

Two things:

1) Sept 20 for a fall harvest? That's way too early. It's barely even chilly yet!

2) Keep to your promise.

Oliver de la Paz said...

1) Don't look at me . . . I didn't title the shindig. It does get cold over here around September. It rained for the whole party which sucked.

2) Yes sir.

Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

That's what I miss about the PNW. It's still 85 in Denver during the day. Although I do love the sun. O, how did you survive for 3 years in Arizona when coats were barely possible?

2. I'll keep my promise (8 more poems to go!) if you keep yours.