Tuesday, November 18, 2008

I Sometimes Don't Know What I'm Talking About

First, go here and check out these MP3's of Johnny Cash singing with Bob Dylan: An Aquarium Drunkard's Music Blog.

Then, tell me . . . isn't it Miranda July in this Blonde Redhead video? Strange.


Other music news, Neil Young is going to release a 1968 Live Album. I heard the "Sugar Mountain" track here.


A student asked me how to read line breaks and I found myself saying something I heard from an old teacher--that a line break was "half a comma." WTF?! I'm sounding more and more like my old profs. I THEN followed up by saying, "Yes, a line break is musical, visual, and narrative in nature, so you need to honor them as you read them." Woah. There are some gray beard hairs in my milk.


Current spins--See the above Dylan/Cash link.

Current reads--Student poems. Want a peak?


Barbara Jane Reyes said...

You know, when I talk poetics I think I sound like my professors too. Hm.

Susan Allspaw Pomeroy said...

I remember that class, and that exact comment. I also remember us arguing over it, and re-defining, and re-defining. I still think that the poem demands how you read a line break (this coming from my perf-po and academic poetry lives)... that said, I'm sure if a student asked me the same question, I'd invariably answer the same way you did.