Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Interlude: A Conversation with Mama de la Paz

[Telephone Rings]

ME: Hello?

MOM: How's Lucas?

ME: Um, hi mom.

MOM: How's Lucas? What's he doing? Can you put him on the phone?

ME: Sure. (putting the phone next to Lucas)

LUCAS: (breathing heavily and reaching for the receiver)

ME: How's that? He's playing with something right now so he's a little distracted.

MOM: Oh. Your Tita bought him some clothes.

ME: Great! (hears a slot machine sound in the background) Um, is that a slot machine?

MOM: We're at the airport.

ME: What? Why are you at the airport?

MOM: We went to Las Vegas. I told you that. Didn't I?

ME: No.

MOM: I don't like Las Vegas anymore. The Mirage is changed. I couldn't find the buffet, and when I did, it was $27. They had a Japanese food section, a Chinese section, a Thai section. (slot machine sound in the background)

ME: Um, are you playing a slot machine now?

MOM: Yes. I put five dollars in. I have to go. Bye. (hangs up phone)

ME: Mom? Bye.


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Gura said...

lol! maybe she thought lucas would bring her some luck on the slot machines?

Oliver de la Paz said...

Maybe . . . the thing is ALL our conversations are like that now that she's a grandmother. She'll call almost everyday with nothing really to say. What made that particular conversation memorable is the fact that I had NO idea my parents were going to Las Vegas.

Sejal said...

my parents and I do that to my brother...we call just to talk to my nephews/their grandkids. the las vegas part is great. you are SO lucky that your parents will be nearby.