Monday, November 17, 2008

Steady as a Freight Train

DVD Teaser Trailer for Johnny Cash: At Folsom Prison.

I'm not sure if the film has actual live footage of Cash performing. It seems like it's mainly interviews and photos. Still, might be worth putting on my Netflix queue.


48 Hour Rule in place. As soon as a rejection rolls in for a batch that is not simultaneously submitted, out it goes again. So, today a batch is going out. There's no time to grieve.


We're at the high water mark of the quarter, where papers are coming due, students are catching flu, and the sky is no longer sunny and blue. (Sesame Street taught me how to rhyme today).


Looks like it'll be a partly sunny day. I need more sunlight--feeling a bit slothalicious. I need a million dollars, too. Got a grant from school which'll help me survive the summer without teaching, but just barely. People need to pay artists. let me tell you . . .


Currently reading Tinderbox Lawn by Carol Guess. ;-)

Also reading the latest issue of The Missouri Review and the latest Rolling Stone. Interesting article about Republican gaffs in the recent election found in the latest RS.

Currently listening to St. Vincent, Madlib, and Cold War Kids (shout out to Lee H.).


HA! Word Verification=acelit

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