Thursday, December 18, 2008

Nothing Much is New in the Snow

It is the first time that “poetry’s old-fashioned praise,” as Robert Frost called it, will be featured at the ceremony since Bill Clinton's second swearing in back in 1997.

Alexander, 45, would be only the fourth poet to read at a swearing in after Frost, who read at John F. Kennedy’s in 1961; Maya Angelou, who read at Clinton’s in 1993; and Miller Williams, who read in 1997, according to government officials.

Thrilled that Elizabeth will be reading.


My parents are driving up today. Our region's been blanketed by snow and there have been multiple accidents on the freeways, so I'm a little concerned. Anyway, I've been busy tending to their new house. Mostly, though, I've been living. I've been enjoying my vacation even though I have mountains of work to get to.


I'll get to my literary stuff soon. I just need a break. I promise. Another round of submissions must go out and I want to get the manuscript up and running for the January deadlines.

Current spin:

Chad Vangaalen not only plays instruments, he is also a visual artist and he animated this video himself. This bit is from an earlier album. I've been listening to Soft Airplane


Collin Kelley said...

I have to admit by enthusiasm about the Obama inauguration is a bit dampened by his selection of that homophobe Rick Warren to give the invocation. Sigh.

Oliver de la Paz said...

I'm totally puzzled by the selection of Warren to give the invocation.

What are Obama's people thinking? You don't run a center-left campaign and get a far right guy to help you "close the deal."

Advocatus D. said...

I think it's a deft (dare I say purpose-driven?) political maneuver to appear more "inclusive" and non-partisan. Example: my grandmother, who thinks Obama is actually the antichrist, will probably warm up to him a bit more.

I'm amused by how this is a complete reversal of the hullabaloo that followed Obama speaking at Warren's church.