Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AWP Schedule--I'm a Madman

So my schedule is complete and utter madness for AWP.

Here it is:

Wednesday, Feb. 11:

Arrive at Chicago O'Hare--2:30 PM. Check-in--Chicago Hilton.

Thursday, Feb. 12:

Book Signing--SIU Press/Crab Orchard Review Booth--1:00-2:00PM

Friday, Feb. 13:

Pinch-hit moderator for panel, Kundiman Kindles the Flame. Lake Ontario, 8th FL. 12:00-1:15PM.

Go see play: The Seafarer at 7:30PM.

Saturday, Feb. 14:

Present at Panel: Where Yearning Meets Epiphany. Continental A, Lobby Level. 10:30-11:45AM.

Lunch w/AWP Officials. 12PM-?

Present at Panel: More Than a Collection. Juliet 3rd FL. 1:30-2:45PM.

Sunday, Feb. 15:

Depart for Home: Chicago O'Hare--8:30AM


H A said...

yay! i get to see you...rushing by me...

Oliver de la Paz said...


Robin said...

Will you be reading your work at the conference?

Oliver de la Paz said...

Y'know, Robin . . . I'm not sure.

My guess is the Crab Orchard "More than a Collection" panel might have us read a little bit.

Outside of that, maybe if I get invited to read for an off-site salon or something.