Monday, January 19, 2009


Up on Harriet:

Art is not entertainment, and it is not decor. It is one of the rude fallacies of our time to want to reduce all art forms, and in particular literary arts, to their most facile and elemental role, and so deny their potential to awaken, provoke and elicit our glee at being agents in the construction of meaning. As Martha Nussbaum points out, "We are accustomed by now to think of literature as optional: as great, valuable, entertaining, excellent, but something that exists off to one side of political and economic and legal thought, in another university department, ancillary rather than competitive." We have, she adds, "narrowly hedonistic theories of literary value." Our world---late twentieth century America --- is relentless in its desire to dictate to us what we desire; it wants to assign and to determine how we construct and construe meaning in our lives, it wants to tell us from where our pleasures come. It wants us to believe that only Wealth, Fame and Power (WFP), in some combination or another, are worthwhile goals, because only WFP can confer ---what?--- celebrity.


I've got some time away from home, so I'm going to take this opportunity to patch up the manuscript.


Meredith put me on speaker phone and apparently L. smiled.


I am currently very full. The B & B served a very large hot breakfast. I may need to nap.


Current Spins:

Animal Collective. Love how the digital noise joins up early in the track. The video is just bizarre.

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