Thursday, June 18, 2009

At Last, the Rain

We've had 28 rainless days during the end of spring. I've avoided watering everything--the lawn, the rhododendrons, the heather. Everything's crispy and yellowed. But yesterday, it rained. I'm beginning to really like the rain. It's writerly weather.


Today I'm going to buy some lumber. The plan is to build planter boxes for a vegetable garden. I'm sick of spending all that cash on things like kale and tomatoes. Plus, since we're living on a budget and we have 6 acres, we may as well use some of our land, no?

I'm not sure what to plant, since I'm a newbie at all this. I'm thinking lettuce would be good, since I like salads in the summer. Squash perhaps? Cucumbers? Tomatoes?


Now half way through Almanac of the Dead. I'm thinking I should've started with a "thinner" book for this 32 book marathon. My initial judgment about the book is mildly revised. The pace is picking up and I'm glad the focus of the narrative has turned to Lecha, the medium (or whatever her ability is). Still, it's a slow read. Lots and lots of back story. Character development. Not a bad thing, necessarily. Like I said, I'm only half way through.


Writerly things to do:

1. Revise/edit some of my NaPo poems for a chapbook.

2. Send more work out.

3. Write more stuff.

4. Dust off some older projects.

5. Write more stuff.


It's so good to have the summer in front of me. Ah!


Current Spin:

Telekinesis. It's just the right amount of summer sugar to get me started.


Barbara Jane Reyes said...

Definitely tomatoes, eggplants. Squashes of all kinds are great. All of the above are thriving in pots and other containers in West Oakland, so I imagine in your area they'd be so very happy. What about chard and collards? My sister lives on the Olympic Peninsula and she's grown bok choy and edamame.

We're also at some point going to start growing garlic.

January said...

We have the opposite weather. We've probably had 28 days of rainy, 60-degree weather. I think we've skipped summer and gone straight to fall.

Plant as much as you can, and experiment with different varities of veggies. If you have the space, why not?

Your to-do's look like mine.

Collin Kelley said...

Hmmm...eggplant and squash are two of my faves. Enjoy your summer!