Monday, June 01, 2009

Dancing a Jig

I'm dancing a jig because of this: Ta Da!

Came at a good time, too, because of the recent stuff I've been blogging about.

Also, the Camano Island residency will be great. I'll use that time to put some finishing touches on a couple of projects that have languished while I've been working on this third book.


I"m also dancing because the end of the academic year is upon me. It's the last week of classes and there's not much left to teach. I'm looking forward to getting back to the writing desk.


I saw UP this past weekend with Meredith. If you haven't already, you must see this movie because I firmly believe that it's a masterpiece of animation. It's also intelligently written. The 30 minute montage at the beginning of the film is emotional but not overwrought. To be honest, there are parts of that montage that are devastating and stay with me. But the early emotion of the film is so necessary to drive the action of the film.

I'm curious to see what the movie looks like in 3D. The director of the film was interviewed on Fresh Air. What's interesting is how Pete Docter says that one of his influences was Warner Herzog.


Current Spin:

Old School. Sonic Youth has a new album, too.


Ivy said...

Congratulations, Oliver! Yay!

January said...

Congrats on the grant! Couldn't come at a better time.

And I'm taking the kids to see UP this weekend.

Matthew Thorburn said...

Congratulations, Oliver, that's great news!

Kells said...

Oliver, CONGRATS! perfect timing on the grant and I wish you the best of luck with the fellowship too!

BTW, we saw UP in 3-D and honestly, we could have seen it in 2-D and been just as happy. There really was no point for it to be in 3-D.

I think movies that offer a little more action (rocks coming at your face, spears, etc.) work better in 3-D. The previews were better in 3-D than the movie.

Supervillainess said...

Dear Oliver,
Congrats on the grant - yay on the timing! Of course, I never had any doubts you would get it :)
Best, Jeannine

Anonymous said...


In The Loop said...

Congrats! That's a big "ta da!"