Tuesday, June 30, 2009

On the Air

Tonight, I'll be reading a poem for the Chuckanut Radio Hour. If you're in Bellingham, WA, you can tune in to FM 102.3.


Spent about three hours yesterday revising approximately 28 pages of a sequence for a chapbook entry. Fiddling with margins is tiring. The MS Word defaults drive me crazy. I keep turning them off, but somehow they magically get turned on again and again.


I've been renovating my parents' garage. They were in dire need of storage and for the past couple of days I've been installing cabinets, building shelving, and putting down a work bench counter top.

I love power tools.


I've been slow with the 32 books for the summer challenge. I blame The Wire.

It's my new addiction. I'm going to try to finish the novel I'm reading this week, before I head to The Kundiman Retreat.


These days I feel like I'm mostly done with my third book. Such thinking has afforded me the luxury of thinking about other projects. As I mentioned earlier, I did some touch-ups on a chapbook which I think I can convert into a manuscript with a few more poems and pieces that work as counterpoints to the chapbook's main obsession.


Wow. The quarry is blowing up parts of the mountain. I felt a really big explosion just now, after the whine of machinery.


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The Innocence Mission. Calm. Summery.

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Collin Kelley said...

You sound like you're a busy bee. Love the Innocence Mission!