Friday, September 28, 2007

Been busy

. . . but I thought I'd drop by.


School's in full tilt. Amazing how quickly the days have been going by. I'm quite popular on the committee front these days. Somehow, I open my mouth and I get put on a committee.


Car's in the shop today. Was driving and all of a sudden, every single light on the dashboard was illuminated. Since I know very little about cars, this freaked me out.

Now watch. The bill's going to be around $500 or so . . .


Been talking to my students about the types of research we do as writers. It's funny, but if you say the "R" word, everyone cringes. Me? I love research. Sometimes I love it more than writing.


New Fall season of TV shows. I wanted to see Bionic Woman, believe it or not. I liked the modern twist on the sappy seventies show. I know Cornshake saw it.

I also saw the season opener of Heroes. Now, I didn't watch the whole season last year, so I was totally lost. I guess that's okay.

1 comment:

cornshake said...

liked it, but it's pretty hard to beat Lindsay Wagner. still, i'll take it over any CSI crapola these days...