Sunday, September 30, 2007


It is raining and the color of the sky's keeping the dog asleep in his basket. It is also cold. Yes, it is most certainly fall in the Pacific Northwest. It's been in the low 60's/high 50's for the past week with more of the same to come next week. I just hope that it's clear on the day of our party this coming Saturday.


Many books arrived at my doorstep last week:

Some Values of Landscape and Weather, The Outernationale, The Room Where I Was Born,, My Soviet Union, Fragment of the Head of a Queen,"Some Nights No Cars At All, Crush, and Random Symmetries.

I felt I needed more poetry volumes in my life . . . especially since I've been reading a lot of prose lately (not that that's a bad thing.) Reactions so far--why the hell haven't I been reading Peter Gizzi? Crush is aptly titled. And I really dig the prose poems in Random Symmetries. I need to sit down and read a volume straight through, but right now I'm taking sips of all the collections and I'm enjoying myself.

Speaking of which . . . better go back to reading.


EILEEN said...

Oliver dear--

Got your lovely latest, FURIOUS LULLABYE. Thanks! It's a wonderful collection...and nice to see it in combination with your first. Together, they reveal your lovely poetic mind in a way where 1 plus 1 is greater than 2.

Looking forward as ever to more and more poems from you!


Oliver de la Paz said...

Thanks Eileen. Last poem of book 1 = segue into book 2. Weird how that worked.